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The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true.

Dreamweavers is a group of hard core professionals who dream high and achieve even higher.

Our Motto

A World of solutions for nurturing dreams.

Our Ventures

  • IT SOLUTIONS IT Consultation, Technology Development, Process Outsourcing.
  • REAL ESTATE & BRAND through Land Weavers.
  • EDUCATION SOLUTIONS Dream tech labs and Animation bugs.
  • INSURANCE TRAINING SOLUTIONS through Dreamweaversindia.com
  • TELECOM SOLUTIONS through DreamTel
  • DIGITAL MEDIA SOLUTIONS through Dream Media

Value Statement

Our culture is characterized by an indomitable will to succeed and prosper in one of the world's most challenging industries. At the heart of our unique and strong culture is the belief that people are the ultimate source of our competitive advantage. By living these core values, each one of us helps to deliver on our promises to customers, maximize shareholder value and ensure our enduring success.

Respect For People

We respect people, honor diversity and treat each other fairly. These are the cornerstones of our culture and key to our ability to work successfully as a team.


We operate with the highest standards of honesty and responsibility as individuals and as a corporation establishing long-lasting, fruitful relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


We promote open communication and honesty with all of our stakeholders.


We encourage a culture of investment and pioneering to actively seek new opportunities for growth, engaging all our stakeholders to contribute to our success.

Team Work

We believe that working together as a team is the key to our business and, as such, we aim to foster a collaborative and friendly work environment where each team member is a partner in our company’s success.


We strive for excellence across our operations and are dedicated to achieving our goals and objectives as one holistic Group.

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