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LAND WEAVERS.COM, is a real estate portal, which helps in managing the entire real estate aspects be it selling/buying a property, leasing your valuable property or looking for a leased property or a matter of land acquisition.

  • Mere idea of online real estate lures lot of people. The online market is generating surprisingly high revenues. Moreover it provides enough comfort level to the customer, who can just mention his requirements with his preference budget and location and get what he wants.
  • This portal specializes in brand leasing and at present is working with more than 50 companies for their brand leasing requirement. All one needs to do, is to put all the properties available for leasing on with its inside and outside photograph.
  • It is a portal which will not only help in increasing your reach worldwide, but also help you by leasing your properties with world class companies. It assures that its association will definitely be beneficial for you and you will definitely gain out of this.

Services Provided by Landweavers

The concept of Brand leasing in Land Weavers has already been highlighted. Top brands like Spencer's, Reliance fresh, Numero Uno, Levi's etc incorporate through the portal and ask for land. The team of Land Weavers gets into the task of finding the land as per the brand specification from the party who wants to lease out their land and fulfill the demands of the brand.

The retail sector basically refers to procurement and selling activities which are done through this portal. This covers shops, houses, flats etc. Here this real estate portal acts as an agent and caters to the needs of its clients.

Land acquisition refers to purchase and sale of land in the form of plots etc. Property management covers various dealings related to property. Various clients post their requirements to the portal. The customer is informed when these requirements have been met and asked in case he/she needs or can accept something different from their original demand.

Complete Mall Management is a service whereby all the dealings related to sale, purchase or leasing of malls etc is done.

  • Accommodation Services - Buying & Selling of Property

    Land Weavers assist in finding a suitable accommodation(plots/ flats/ houses) for families, individuals, corporate executives or group of employees. The basic services provided by the Land Weavers related to housing accommodation are:

    • Employee accommodation.
    • Group housing for Corporate / organizations at special discounted rates.

    Thus, using the services of Land Weavers one can find suitable accommodation with all domestic facilities. Our services are reliable, fast and effective and help the clients to get the accommodation of their choice.

  • Corporate Accomodation-Brand Leasing

    Land Weavers, a connoisseur in brand leasing, is presently working with more than 100 top most companies for their brand leasing requirements. Land Weavers helps you find a property on lease in any part of the country. You simply need to apprise us your requirements in a specific city. Rest is OUR job.

  • Homes to Let / PG / Sharing Accommodation

    We assist individuals in looking for Rented / PG sharing accommodation as per their requirements, and for this we give our customer care services to our clients on the basis of our extensive database and network.

  • Original Booking of Upcoming Projects

    Land Weavers is renowned for applying the highest standards of quality and integrity in the advance booking of upcoming projects like commercial, residential and shopping complexes. The past projects of the company have fetched strong returns and huge capital appreciations to clients and investors. You just need to make up your mind for buying or investing funds in an upcoming project and we will search the best opportunity for you.

  • Investment Management

    Today's housing and real estate market provides many opportunities for investors. We can assure that investment in properties recommended by our expert team will generate regular income through renting or leasing of property and/or achieve capital appreciation.

Business Associates

Currently its business associates include 25 Builders/Developers and more than 50 top Brands.

  • Pizza Hut
  • McDonald's
  • Cafe Coffee Day
  • Blackberry
  • Wood Land
  • Lilliput
  • Zudaas
  • DLF
  • Jaypee Green
  • Ansal API
  • TATA Housing
  • BPTP Limited
  • Vatika Group

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