DW Values

"Dream Weavers has entered a new era. The new facilities need new orientations & new responsibilities. Hence, a need has been felt to streamline the HR Process in Dream Weavers."

Code of Ethics

The Code of Business Conduct contains principles that have long been part of Dream Weavers values and ethics statement. This Code of Business Conduct is intended to comply with personal ethics of the board of Dream Weavers. No provision of this Code of Business Conduct may be waived for any director or executive officer without approval of the Dream Weavers Board of Directors.

  • We do not take any role in any outside concern that would adversely influence our DW responsibilities. When faced with a potential conflict, we communicate with supervisors and others to implement safeguards and take steps to prevent such a conflict from materializing. We make full disclosure and withdraw ourselves from discussions and decisions when our personal interest appears to interfere with DW’s business interests.
  • When exchanging business courtesies, meals and entertainment, we avoid activities that could create even the appearance that our decisions could be compromised.
  • We respect the rights and property of others, including their intellectual property, and only accept their confidential or trade secret information after we clearly understand our obligations as defined in a non-disclosure agreement or similar document. We protect and preserve DW assets, including DW business opportunities and intellectual property, for DW’s benefit and not for our personal benefit.
  • We compete fairly without collusion or collaboration with competitors to divide markets, fix prices, restrict production or allocate customers.
  • We assure that those who seek to do business with DW have fair opportunities to compete for our business.
  • We provide full and accurate information for use in internal and external reports.
  • We keep records that are verifiably accurate.
  • We use company assets for personal purposes strictly on an infrequent basis with negligible expense to DW.
  • We recruit, train, promote and reward people based on their performance and contribution.
  • We respect all DWites without regard to their position or level within the organization.
  • We follow the Code of Business Conduct and respect the codes of conduct and rules of business of countries where we do business and abide by their laws.
  • We comply with laws, rules and regulations and actively promote awareness, understanding of and compliance with all applicable laws.
  • We offer no payments or favors to influence others to do something wrong.
  • We value open and fair competition and respect the rights of our customers, suppliers and competitors just as we expect our rights to be respected.
  • We actively encourage every DW employee, officer and director to recognize and report any concern about possible illegal or unethical behavior, and we ensure that such reports made in good faith will be acted upon responsibly and without retaliation.
  • We create a workplace where we feel free to express our opinions and to raise questions and concerns in a safe and supportive environment, without fear of harassment, retribution or retaliation by peers or managers.