Life at Dreamweavers

Dream Weavers is an organization of hard core professionals and a well defined work force. It provides excellent facilities to its employees.

Employee Motivation at Dream Weavers

Motivation is the key to performance improvement

At Dream Weavers we work continuously to develop and maintain motivated, contributing people. We realize that it is important to maintain high employee morale when people work long hours. The three essentials for creating such an environment are fairness; job security; and involvement.

Our programs and activities are designed to motivate employees working in various departments. These include financial incentives, job enrichment, liberal communication system and a good work culture.

  • Training programs have been specially designed on motivational aspects and employees take part in these programs on alternate Saturdays.
  • Quarterly leisure trips are organized for the employees to various places.
  • We have an online suggestion scheme through which the employees can send suggestions regarding work, health and other issues. Good suggestions are implemented and the employees are rewarded for the same.
  • Team building programs have been designed and carried out by the various SBU heads in their teams.

Performance Management System at Dream Weavers

At Dream Weavers, we believe in providing the employees with greater opportunities to develop their career potential and align their performance with our objectives. Our focus is not just to have the best people; but also to retain them and get the best out of them.We have established standards and measures like Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and Key Result Areas (KRAs), Value system, Ethics, which guide an employee’s appraisal. These have been developed in line with the respective departments/ project/groups objectives.

Doing (Competency Development)

Doing involves evaluating employee developmental needs that helps them strengthen their job-related skills and competencies, and prioritizing and developing a plan of action to achieve the set targets. We provide an online IDP tool to facilitate the employees plan their personal developmental goals along with the goals of the organization.

Monitoring (Continuous Checking)

Checking includes conducting ongoing reviews where employees’ performance is quantitatively measured against the set standards to identify how well the employees are meeting the set goals. Thereafter, the quantitative data is used to derive performance rating during the appraisal period. For low performance, an immediate plan of action is taken rather than wait until the end of the appraisal period when summary rating levels are assigned. We facilitate this process of regular feedback through an online feedback system.

Acting (Performance Evaluation)

Acting includes evaluating job performance against the standards in the employee’s performance plan and assigning a rating to the employee based on work performed during the entire appraisal period Performance Management System is driven by Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result-oriented and Time bound (SMART) principles. This system helps employees develop greater self-awareness, role clarity and provides them with the opportunity to plan developmental needs using organizational resources.


As a part of performance management activities, we execute the following:

  • Capture and track employees’ IDPs through a database system to enhance visibility about their development plans.
  • Ongoing performance feedback to employees on their progress toward reaching the set goals.
  • Define shared KRAs to align employees’ work efforts in line with organizational objectives.
  • Link the competency framework with performance management to enhance visibility and perform an objective assessment of employees’ readiness for next role
  • Sustainable awards and recognitions like Employee of the Year (EOY), Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) and cash prizes to high contributing individuals.
A Plan for Requisite Performance (PRP) process is in place to address unsatisfactory work performance issues and allow the organization to look beyond employees as mere resources to tap into the human element and facilitate their recovery into more productive individuals. Attrition Rate.

Annual attrition rate is around 15%. Dream Weavers provide wonderful, healthy and competitive work environment for its manpower to grow vertically. Although the attrition rate is quite less/low in comparison to industry standards, yet, family problems transfer to other cities, marriage of bachelor employees have been identified as the main causes of attrition among our employees.

Communication Process

A Two- way communication is maintained with clients as well as employees. Any employee at any level has the liberty to write a mail directly to any person on any designation across various verticals. In fact, he/she can mail directly to the CEO of the group. With customers, an open channel of communication is maintained to support their association with us. For this purpose, proper follow up is maintained with the clients.

Special Highlights

Polite and Well educated staff: Any employee would want his working ambiance and colleagues to be nothing less than the best behaved in the business and DW promotes this in all its employees.

  • Organization of motivational games at weekend: With increasing work pressure, meeting deadlines and tough schedules, DW HR Executives plan motivational games to relieve/de-stress tired souls from some work pressure and in the process educate them.
  • Proper induction program: An appropriate program is organized for induction of the newly joined in the organization.
  • Growth opportunities: A developing organization can always offer growth.DW is expanding and diversifying so it has places for people who are worth those places.
  • Efficacious working environment: DW is a team of hard core professionals who work effectually to achieve the goals of the organization along with their personal growth.
  • Promotion of secularism: DW carries on celebrations of various festivals as part of enhancing secular culture.
Also DW is presently undertaking some valuable social schemes and responsibilities, which throws a light on its human touch. Dream Weavers is the place every job seeker wants to reach. Your talent is highly welcomed provided you are disciplined and hard working.