IT Solution

Dream Weavers provides you with comprehensive IT solutions and its IT wing namely Dream B Sys is working efficaciously in this regard. is a web portal working on the advent of newly built systems through the application of technology. It offers technology solutions to various industries, in order to help them run, maintain and implement their business processes smoothly and efficiently. It mainly deals with softwares and security systems as well as integration of softwares and hardwares. It also deals with customizing the existing software.

It's these services has lead it to "in hot demand" category.

It provides with SERVICES such as:

IT Consultation

IT consultation is a process of seeking and giving of advice, information or opinion usually involving a consideration.

Technology Development

This is the core activity of DreamBSys. Major projects that require high level programming and R&D comes under Technology Development.

Process Outsourcing

Features such as expert services, professional support, minimum response time, dedicated servers, excellent data security & backup and skilled resources are standard to DreamBSys BPO.

Majorly the specific services offered in this regard are:

  • Computer and Telephonic Integration: In this regard Dreambsys solves the role entity crisis that usually is suffered by various organizations.
  • Promotional solutions: In terms of sms, e-mails and voice mails, different specific softwares have been designed that ensure promotion without any hindrance.
  • Astoundingly designed projects: Dreambsys has been exceptionally efficient in formulating some amazing web portals and presentations in flash as well as through other creative softwares.
  • Security & access management: Moreover it ensures this feature through:
    • System data security: In this regard it has led to the advent of a customized desktop that permits secured transformation of data in and out of the system.
    • Attendance & access management: It has designed various proximity cards along with biometric testing devices that ensure centralized records at a remote location and formulation of customized reports.
    • Other Security devices: It includes close circuit cameras that ensure access to your unit even at distant areas.
  • Management information Systems/ ERP solutions: It provides unique and specifically designed management information systems for the following sectors: Call centres, gyms, schools, hospitals, corporate, hotels, SMEs etc.

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