Telecom Solutions Through DreamTel

DreamTel spearheads the Dream Weavers Group presence in the telecom and internet sector. We are always striving to change the internet and telecommunication industry with an innovation and exclusive technologies. Featuring with high-flying and modest technology in web and communication services, DreamTel is providing advanced plans at affordable rates.

The revolution in this industry has incised the successful existence of Apna Telelink Pvt. Ltd. (DreamTel) in the Punjab expanse. Apna Telelink Pvt. Ltd. has ISP license for Pan Punjab, it has serves the extensive portfolio of high-capacity, integrated convergent (voice, data and video) digital network, to offer services spanning the entire infocomm value chain. The services are:

Internet Services


DreamTel Wi-Fi/Internet broadband service allows you to browse the Internet just about anytime anywhere, without using wires. With DreamTel Wi-Fi/Internet broadband service you can access the Internet through a wireless router.

DreamTel offers a wide range of Wi-Fi internet broadband plans suiting the need of the consumer segment both residential and commercial.


  • Hopping technology
  • UNLIMITED Internet Usage
  • Unmatched mobility and elasticity
  • Convenience in usage
  • High speed access up to 50 mbps
  • Unlimited downloading/uploading
  • Secure access to protect your data
  • Unbreakable Network

Leased Line

DreamTel offers corporate internet service for business users. It is a lucrative & finest Internet offering designed to meet dedicated bandwidth requirements to support critical business applications. It can simply span short or long distance.

This service extends following benefits to our corporate customers:

  • Guaranteed 1:1 bandwidth
  • Uses Hopping technology
  • Unmatched mobility and elasticity
  • High speed access up to 50 mbps
  • Secure access to protect your data
  • Unbreakable Network
  • Use of Optical fiber for advanced connectivity
  • Conception of highly developed Wi-Fi zone
  • 24 hour network / security monitoring & technical help.

VOIP Services

Our dedicated staff, global telecom network, and advanced telephony technologies provide you with the very best Web-based global communications services at extremely low rates. The current problem that all are facing is alarming international calling rates and roaming charges. We aim at reducing those rates so that you can enjoy long distance calling at exceptional prices and amazing voice quality.

Since our service inception we have visualized high standards in VoIP service portfolio and have achieved constant deliverables through right investment in technology to make it more reliable and consistent to users worldwide. This promising technology caters the need of Corporate/Business/Residential for extensive VOIP, Internet and Data solutions. The major plans and solutions are:

  • Corporate Solutions
  • Call Shop Solutions
  • Call Center Solutions
  • SME Solutions
  • Residential Solutions

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